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Ok I will be making a page called ranks where you can see what ranks there are. For instance, I will be: |L|[Warpeeps] Warpeeps.
Hahavis will be |VL|[Warpeeps] Hahavis.
I am working on the page right now.
Views: 4769 | Added by: warpeeps | Date: 12.30.2008 | Comments (4)

First go to Register to register.

Second go to forum.

Third go to Joining application 1st page.

Then fill in your details.

Views: 1296 | Added by: warpeeps | Date: 12.15.2008 | Comments (5)

We have encountered a slight problem with our relationship with the [Pacman] clan, as they asked to have a war with them... SHALL WE WIN OR SHALL WE NOT, only time tells...
Views: 1249 | Added by: warpeeps | Date: 12.13.2008 | Comments (8)

Hi! Welcome to my CS2D clan! This clan was released 30 November 2008! If you would like to join go to the registration and join! Then private mail me or go to forum. First one joining is Vice-Leader of this clan! Remember only a pistol left? SHOOT ' UP! No excuses whatsoever!

In the squad:

[Warpeeps] Warpeeps----------------Leader
[Warpeeps] Hahavis ----------------Vice Leader(Moderator)
[Warpeeps] Constricter-------------Normal Player(Moderator)
[Warpeeps] kUBA[G]-----------------High General Liutenant
[Warpeeps] MYD---------------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] Taisoc------------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] Anthony0101-------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] Redjeans00--------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] Swegas------------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] MexRok------------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] Matrix------------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] Bih-Corpus--------------High General Liutenant
[Warpeeps] ChDemocracy-------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] Poopoop-----------------Normal Player
[Warpeeps] Trooper-----------------Normal Player

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